The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Suriname

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Suriname (EITI-SR) strives to publish timely and accurate information on key aspects of Suriname’s natural resource management, including how licences are allocated, how much tax, royalties and social contributions companies are paying, and where this money ends up in the government.

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Multi Stakeholders Group

A Collective of Parties Involved in the EITI in Suriname




The EITI in Suriname is supported by the M.S.G. (Multi-stakeholders groep), a coalition of government, companies and civil society. The MSG is a platform which provides the opportunity to build trust and encourage dialogue between all of the parties involved in this initiative.

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Did You Know …

countries already implemented the EITI.
trillion USD in estimated revenues have been disclosed in EITI Reports.
of the export revenues out of Suriname come from the mining sector.
billion people live in countries rich in various minerals from which they do not benefit.

Partners of EITI Suriname