Diamond mining

The mining of diamonds is in the reconnaissance phase. The first discovery of diamonds in Suriname dates from 1880 and was made in the Suriname River, in the area of Berg en Dal. In the course of time, diamonds were mainly found in the Rosebel formation, in the Rosebel area in Brokopondo. Research has also been carried out into the occurrence of diamonds in various areas along the Suriname River and in the savannah area in the vicinity of Zanderij and Tafelberg. Up to the 1980s, the GMD carried out research into the origin of the diamonds but was unable to determine them. In 2012, the Canadian exploration company Canasur Gold Ltd. exploration activities in the Goliath Tibiti area. They provided indications that diamond-containing kimberlite pipes may be found there.

In 2016, two applications for the right of reconnaissance for Diamond were assigned. Before starting with the exploitation of diamonds, however Suriname needs to be certified first before exploration can commence.

On March 9, 2019, an important treaty, the Kimberley Process Certificate Scheme (KPCS), was approved by DNA. With the KPCS, doors are opened for Suriname on the international market regarding the diamond industry, which can most definitely lead to significant economic benefits in the future. As for 2016 there were no commercialized operations yet.