Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Tax Authority of Ministry of Finance

The Tax Authority is a separate division of the Ministry of Finance. This entity is headed by a director who reports directly to the Minister of Finance. All direct and indirect tax declarations should be filed with the tax authority.

The Finance Directorate of Ministry of Finance

See: Governmental structure for their tasks.

Ministry of Natural Resources (MONR)

See: Governmental structure for their tasks.

Regarding the extractive industry (oil & gas, gold and aluminum) MONR is responsible for the sustainable development of the mineral sector, such that optimal revenues are earned by the Government. Institutions with an important role in the extractive sector, under the supervision of MONR, are:

  • GMD
    This department is responsible for stimulating the mining sector in Suriname. Further information can be found on their website:
  • BIS
    BIS is incorporated on February 17, 1981 (Decree E-9/ S.B. 1981-14). The purpose of this institute is:
    o Knowing and understanding the development within the bauxite sector in Suriname and in international perspective;
    o Preparing of policies regarding bauxite for the Government;
    o Advising the Government in the execution of the bauxite policy;
    o Executing of independent audits of the bauxite activities in Suriname;
    o Collecting and processing of data from the bauxite sector.

For further information on BIS, visit: