The production data of the mining companies that should be reported by MONR, with reference to the requirement in the licenses issued, might not be complete and accurate due to inconsistencies on the side of all the mining right holders to submit their production data on regular bases. Therefore, no production data have been reported by MONR for reconciliation purposes.

Production RGM and NS

RGM and NS, each operating in 2017 on their own mineral agreement, are the only two large gold mining companies in 2017. Their production might be considered material compared to the small-and medium scale legal and informal mining operations.

Both companies were in production throughout the whole year.

Grassalco’s production was primarily focused on processing waste rock stone from the RGM operation as aggregate.

The reported production by the 3 mining companies for 2017 relative to the GDP 2017 is as follows:

Table 5.13 Production mining companies
*) Average USD exchange rate 2017 for USD 1=SRD 7.425: Source:

The gold produced by RGM and NS are exported, while Grassalco sold its gold production to the local buyers and or exporters of gold.

Table 5.14 Production data of SHMR in 2017 and sold to buyers of gold

Export mining companies

Table 5.15 Export mining companies RGM and NS
*) Average USD exchange rate 2017 for USD 1=SRD .,425: