The content of a mining license is not publicly disclosed by MONR.

Generally, the minister of MONR, based on the advice of GMD, approves the requested Mining rights with references to the:

  1. “Mining Decree” E-58 (S.B. 1986 no. 28), containing general regulations concerning the exploration and extraction of minerals;
  2. State Decree of May 11, 1989 (S.B 1989 No. 39);
  3. “Mining Decree” E-58 (S.B. 1986 No. 28), Article 63, paragraph 1, amended by S.B. 1997 No. 44 and with S.B. 2014 No. 59, and as last amended by S.B. 2014 No. 176; 4;
  4. Brokopondo Agreement and with reference to the law of January 25, 1958 (G.B. No. 4) and to the law of August 3, 1977, No.8821 (Bulletin of Acts and Decrees No.45),
  5. “Economic Offenses Act of January 9, 1986” (S B. 1986 No.2, as last amended by S.B. 2008 No. 55). And furthermore, by specifying the right, the concession area framed by area coordinates, the duration of the right, the yearly surface payments and other conditions listed to be taken in consideration (See appendices for content of the Ministerial order for an approved license for the extension of the right of exploitation for mining);
  6. Mineral Agreement of 1994 and its First and Second Amendment (2003 and 2013) where and when applicable;
  7. Mineral Agreement (Merian Project) 2013.

The licenses are generally redacted in a standard format and are made specific were necessary, for among others, the type of mining right, the location, the coordinates and the commissioner of the district where the mining right will be executed. (See Appendix 12 for respectively a mining license for exploration of gold and for exploitation of gold.)