We are informed by GMD, that they do not have data available at GMD regarding concessions for the Hydrocarbon sector.

GLIS, informed that they do not recall having an overview of the property/area of interest of Staatsolie yet. Given one of their goals they started in 2018 with the Spatial Data Information project. In this context they had initial meetings with Staatsolie and other Government enterprises about information of area where oil pipelines, water tubes, electricity and phone cables etc. are located beneath the surface and how this data can be brought into picture and shared. This project has not officially started yet.

MONR does not maintain an Hydrocarbon register for all the concessions granted to Staatsolie for the onshore Hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation. An overview of all the concessions onshore and offshore granted to Staatsolie is being maintained by the company. (see figure 3.13)