Payments based on Power Purchase Agreement

With reference to the Power Purchase Agreement 1 (PPA 1) between RGM and the Republic of Suriname from 2003, amended in 2013, the Government receives monthly a payment from RGM based on the total annual energy available for purchase by RGM under the terms of the Agreement.

The monthly invoicing is based on the table below in conjunction with the predetermined monthly available energy:

USD 0.09 < USD 1550
USD 0.11 USD 1,550 – USD 1,650
USD 0.12 USD 1,650 – USD 1,750
USD 0.13 USD 1,750 – USD 1,850
USD 0.14 +USD 1,850

Table 4.5 PPA1 Energy rates for RGM

The monthly amount in 2016 based on this schedule is about USD 850 thousand.

The major part of the energy, based on PPA 2, is being supplied by NV EBS (19 MW) for USD 0.11/kWh in 2016 and is not part of the EITI-report.